Custom Fabric Banners

MFG custom fabric banners have the advantage of wash-ability, durability and they are very light weight. The lightweight Fabric banners make the products easy to store and inexpensive to transport. We can provide single-sided, double-sided, sheer or opaque fabric banners. Use a custom designed fabric banners for a recruiting event, meeting, seminar, conference, or even in your retail location.
With a dye sublimation process, the ink is permanently bonded to polyester fibers with a heat transfer. Photographic images look more realistic with this form of printing, because the colors are not laid down as individual dots, as they are with inkjet printers. However, this process can only be used on polyester fabrics. Direct printing of your fabric graphics will give you sharper, more brilliant images. Direct printing of fabric graphics uses a steam process to embed the ink into the fabric, and can be used on fabrics like silk and cotton.

Custom Fabric Banners Description

MFG custom fabric banners are popular in the exhibit and event industry, and many trade show displays are made with custom fabric banners. Our custom fabric banners’ features as below:
Max. 3.2m (10ft) wide seamless.
Custom full-color printed graphics.
High quality Dye-Sublimation Printing.
Waterproof solvent inks.
Anti UV and ECO friendly.
Weather-resistant fabric material.
Sewn hem prevents fraying.
Aluminum grommets.
Easy setup; hang with rope or hooks.
Lightweight and portable.
Versatile; hang vertically or horizontally.
Fit for marketing a business.
Fabric banners have a lifespan of about a year without color fading.


Exhibition Displays
Outdoor / indoor advertising banners
Outdoor fencing banners / construction fencing banners
Building murals and in-store displays
Exhibition booth decoration and trade shows
Building wraps and also stadium graphic wraps.

Vinyl Banner MaterialFabric Banner Material
1) 9~18 oz Vinyl 1) Polyester
2) Double Printable Vinyl2) Knitted Polyester
3) Mesh Vinyl3) Oxford
4) Backlit Vinyl (440)4) Nylon
5) Frontlit Vinyl (440)5) Cotton
6) Black Back vinyl6) Canvas
7) Heavy Duty Backlit Vinyl (610) 7) Non-woven Fabric
8) Silk Fabric, Satin Drill, etc.


How do fabric banners differ from standard vinyl banners?

Fabric banners are made from 9 oz. polyester fabric, while standard vinyl banners are made with a plastic, 13oz. PVC material, that is ideal for outdoor use. Vinyl banners are created from the same material billboards are made of. The advantage of fabric that you can install it stretched to remove any wrinkles, which allows for easy transport since you can fold or roll it. Fabric can also create a higher quality look than a vinyl banner.

What is the Dye Sublimation Printing and how does it work?

Dye Sublimation Printing is a common way of printing on various fabrics, and is used by printing companies around the world as a quicker and more cost effective alternative to screen printing on fabric. The design of your fabric banner is printed in reverse on a heat transfer paper. Once it is printed, both the paper and the polyester fabric go through a heat transfer machine that acts like a large iron, transferring the image from the paper directly to the fabric. This actually dyes the design into the fabric creating a durable high-quality look that can also be easily cleaned.

Can I use custom fabric banners outside?

While the fabric banners do work outside, we don’t recommend using your fabric banner outside for an extended periods of time. Weather elements tend to damage fabric banners quickly. However, for the short-term outdoors event, fabric banners work just fine. If you’re looking for a more permanent outdoor banner solution, take a look at our custom vinyl banners, which have a longer outdoor life.

What is the normal space between the grommets?

60cm(2ft) per grommet or 100cm(3.2ft) per grommet. If you need more grommets like one per feet, that is fine. No matter what your needs are, we’ll make sure your banner comes with the grommets exactly as you’ve requested.

What are the typical uses for custom fabric banners?

Custom fabric banners are used in a variety of ways. They can be used as a tablecloth for a trade show or convention. Some use them for photo backdrops or backgrounds. Since the fabric allows for high-quality printing, fabric is great to use for closely viewed signs, like behind point-of-purchase displays or near in-store displays.

How do vinyl banners differ from your fabric banners?

Vinyl is the more affordable option of the two. It is also the more durable option, making it better for outdoor use, but it can be used for indoor signs where needed. Vinyl banners have more of a matte finish, while fabric banners are printed using a dye sublimation process, making them more vibrant than vinyl. Our fabric banners are a great indoor signage option, and they’re also scratch resistant and have curl-free edges. Simply put if you’re looking for an outside sign then choose vinyl. If you’re in need of an indoor sign for a trade show, presentation or otherwise then chose a fabric banner.

Banners Finishing Options

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Size: Scale 100% | Resolution: >150DPI | Color: CMYK
Artwork format: PS, AI, ID, CDR, PDF, JPG, PNG, etc.


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