Custom Mesh Banners

MFG custom mesh banners provide a great opportunity to announce new construction projects as they are in progress. MFG service center has the resources and design skills to develop a unique advertising promotion, which can be imprinted on our mesh banner material and used to cover building facades, chain link construction fences, or cover existing construction from the public.
These high end banners are perfect for concerts, festivals, and trade show events. All our mesh banners can be customized to fit a variety of spaces and fully printed with any type of graphic.

Custom Mesh Banners Description

With our custom mesh banners, you will be able to create the perfect display for your business. Our custom mesh banners are constructed from a lightweight, vinyl mesh pattern, and are resistant to tearing. The mesh pattern of the banner reduces the overall weight of the banner, and allows wind to pass through the banner, making it perfect for outdoor advertising and display purposes. We print your design using scratch and abrasion resistant UV ink. Our custom mesh banners’ features as below:
Max. 5m (16ft) wide seamless.
Custom full-color printed graphics.
High quality large format digital printing.
Waterproof solvent inks.
Anti UV and ECO friendly.
Weather-resistant vinyl material.
Sewn hem prevents fraying.
Aluminum grommets.
Easy setup; hang with rope or hooks.
Lightweight and portable.
Versatile; hang vertically or horizontally.
Fit for marketing a business.


Large format billboard
Exhibition Displays
Outdoor / indoor advertising banners
Outdoor fencing banners / construction fencing banners
Building murals and in-store displays
Exhibition booth decoration and trade shows
Building wraps and also stadium graphic wraps.

Vinyl Banner MaterialFabric Banner Material
1) 9~18 oz Vinyl 1) Polyester
2) Double Printable Vinyl2) Knitted Polyester
3) Mesh Vinyl3) Oxford
4) Backlit Vinyl (440)4) Nylon
5) Frontlit Vinyl (440)5) Cotton
6) Black Back vinyl6) Canvas
7) Heavy Duty Backlit Vinyl (610) 7) Non-woven Fabric
8) Silk Fabric, Satin Drill, etc.


What are the benefits of choosing a mesh banner over a vinyl or fabric banner?

Mesh banners are a great in-between banner in comparison to its vinyl or fabric counterparts. If you’re looking for an outdoor banner that’s lightweight and wind resistant, the mesh banner is a great choice. The mesh design will allow wind to travel through the banner, whereas a vinyl banner can potentially catch the wind if it is placed in consistently windy conditions. The mesh allows for outdoor use whereas the fabric banner can not be used outdoors.

What is the difference between your mesh, vinyl, and fabric banners?

Our mesh, vinyl, and fabric banners are all excellent choices for your signage needs. But there are a couple of primary differences between these three types of banners.
Vinyl banners are the most popular banner that we offer and are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The 13 oz vinyl that is used allows for an extremely durable banner that is tear and weather resistant. This is the same material that is used for billboards! The thickness of the vinyl does mean that larger banners will weigh more than mesh or fabric banners of the same size. Designs are printed on our vinyl banners using a 4-color, UV resistant ink, resulting in a vibrant and permanent design. These will work for both temporary needs and permanent needs with the lifespan varying depending on the end use.
Fabric banners are mostly suitable for indoor use but provide a high quality visible display regardless of this limitation. Fabric banners are made from a 9 oz. polyester, with your design printed using a dye sublimation process. Fabric banners are lightweight, easily hung and machine washable. These banners are durable in their own right but are not suited for long-term outdoor use. Typically they are used for presentations and other indoor events.
Custom mesh banners provide an alternative to our popular vinyl banners as a indoor/outdoor signage solution. Like vinyl banners these can work both for a temporary need and longer lasting permanent need, depending on how the banner is treated and the actual end use. The biggest difference between mesh and vinyl banners is that: the mesh is a 50:50 ratio of mesh and permeability. This mesh material allows for wind to more easily pass through the banner when used outside. In our experience, our solid vinyl banners and the reinforced hem are perfectly suitable for outdoors. If you’re concerned about windy conditions, then the mesh banner would be our recommendation before trying to do wind slits in a normal vinyl banner. Further, some cities and other organizations require a mesh material to increase lifespan of city or park banners. For both vinyl and mesh banners we recommend taking the banner down in extremely windy conditions.

What thickness of your custom mesh banners?

Our mesh banners use 10 oz vinyl material. For custom your own mesh banners please just contact our support team!

What kind of printing process do you use for your mesh banners?

Your design will be digitally printed directly onto your mesh banner using UV ink. This will give your design a permanent adherence to the banner material that will resist scratching and fading when properly cared for.

What are typical uses for your mesh banners?

Custom mesh banners are typically used as a means of displaying indoor and outdoor promotional or advertising signs. Typical uses include storefront displays, birthday parties, advertising sales or offers, school events, sporting events, grand openings, street signage, small business signage, local fairs or charitable events.
Perhaps one of the most common uses of the mesh banners is for chain link fences at sports complexes, schools and parks everywhere. For the sports complexes these work great to advertise sponsors, yet allow visibility through a practice field or as a game is being played. Likewise, mesh banners are often used on construction sites for the same reason. They can help obscure some visibility while also advertising a message. This use is so common that mesh banners are even sometimes referred to as “fence banners”.

Are your mesh banners weather resistant?

Mesh banners are designed to be both UV and water resistant. With that in mind, a banner will hold up in rain, sunshine, or windy conditions.

Banners Finishing Options

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Size: Scale 100% | Resolution: >150DPI | Color: CMYK
Artwork format: PS, AI, ID, CDR, PDF, JPG, PNG, etc.


Our design department will review your file, and print a sample for confirmation.


The Payment terms we accept: PayPal, Western Union, T/T, L/C and D/P.


Lead time for mass production: 3-7 days.


After checking by QC Dept., the goods is ready for shipping. You can choose send by EXPRESS (DHL, FEDEX, UPS…), by AIR, by SEA.