MFG custom window decals, could transform your empty window into an attractive advertising space, that enhances your brand or product with custom window decals and graphics.
Custom window decals can heighten your business and product, appearance to potential customers with news of promotions, sales, store hours, new inventory, or your company logo. Custom window decals are a crucial driving force, for attracting new customers into retail or store front business.

Custom Window Decals Description

MFG custom window decals, to make sure you are all out there with your brand, you can leverage the power of window decals to promote your business in the best light. Custom window decals are easy way to attract your audience with a zap without putting in great deal of effort. Whether you are a small business or a big organization, you can use custom window decals to strengthen and power up your marketing campaigns.


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Retail Store Windows
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What material is your opaque window decal made out of?

Our opaque window decals are made out from a polymeric calandered film with a grey pigmented, pressure sensitive adhesive. They are a durable adhesive vinyl for semi-permanent uses.

What material is your perforated window decal made out of?

Our perforated window decals are made from a calendered adhesive vinyl material. This material provides a great looking decal, that is also durable enough to withstand exterior use. It consists of a 50:50 ratio of micropunctures to solid surface.

What material is your frosted window decal made out of?

Frosted window decals are made from an adhesive material, that called 4 millimeter etched glass that is roughly .07” thick. The decal comes with a clear backer that can be peeled away to reveal the adhesive.

What material is your clear decal made out of?

Our custom window decals are made by super clear polyester film, that designed for both interior and exterior applications. The film comes with a clear backer that can be peeled away to reveal the adhesive. This material is optically clear once installed. It is a durable option that is easily installed and removed.

Do you offer other types of decals?

Yes, we offer a number of different decals. Opaque and frosted decals for semi-permanent uses. Clear and perforated decals offer transparency and reverse print as options, we also offer three different types of vehicle decals and wall decals for interior use. And our interior floor decals that is great for convention centers, retail shops and more.

Can the decals be cut to shape? Individual letters?

Regardless of the end use of your decal, we can cut it to shape. We can do this in two different ways. The first is to cut it to the exact perimeter of your design. This is called contour cut. The second way is to cut it to shape, but leave a small border around the entire edge of your sign. This is called halo cut. These two options are available for any window decal, but should be used with discretion when complex designs are involved. For complex designs we recommend a simple rectangle or square shaped decal. Individual letters that can be applied to windows are actually a different product entirely. This product is called cut vinyl or vinyl lettering. We also could make it, please contact us for the custom quotation.

Will the decal damage or ruin my window?

The decal will not damage your window in any way. Even if residual adhesive is left after removing the decal, this can generally be removed with a cleaner or sharp edge.

What are custom window decals typically used for?

Custom window decals have variety of uses. The most common one is for businesses with store fronts. Business window decals are a perfect solution for advertising sales, seasonal promotions during Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc., branding purposes and even store hours. Decals noting warnings and regulations, compliance signs such as displaying building codes, surveillance notices, QR codes and many more. These window signs are also great for office settings, which feature plenty of glass as part of internal offices, meeting or conference rooms, reception areas and more.

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