JHF R7000Pro UV Rolling Printer

How to choose the most suitable printer?

Professional flatbed printers, roll-to-roll printers and hybrid printers have their own advantages and disadvantages.

In the choice of large-format UV curing printing system need to consider a variety of factors. One of the better ways to answer this question “What are the practical applications in the end?” First of all need to understand the total cost of investing in a high-output printer, that is, production efficiency, advanced features, automation and ink printing and other factors determine the printing system in the end how much cost, and final decide to choose a flatbed, roll-to-roll or hybrid printer?

More than one way

Some printing service providers prefer professional flatbed or roll to roll printing systems, while others tend to hybrid printers with the flexibility to handle both rigid and roll materials at the same time.

UV flatbed printer


Advantages and Disadvantages of Flatbed Printer

The professional-grade flatbed printer with some special features, such as from the paper to the delivery of the overlay system, special materials printing capacity (such as corrugated board). Some flatbed printers use the multi-zone vacuum system to control heavy-duty printing materials. The flatbed printer also suitable for handling multiple small orders together and can be imaged at once. The flatbed printer can print on any material with a thickness of less than 2 inches, providing a boost for the printing service provider to develop new markets. The lack of flatbed printer: the basic point is that it is not designed for the rolling material, it can not print rolling material.

roll to roll printer


Advantages and Disadvantages of Roll-to-Roll Printer

Roll-to-roll printer can adapt to a variety of indoor and outdoor applications of flexible materials. This kind of printing system is ideal for marking and displaying cards, and it is a good choice for who want high-volume printing signages. Many roll-to-roll printers can print on a variety of flexible and low-end materials, so the overall equipment operating costs are very low. Professional roll-to-roll inkjet printer is usually six-color, four-color and four-color + white ink configurations.

The limitations of the roll-to-roll printer can not provide a platform print configuration that limits its scope of application.

hybrid printer


Advantages and Disadvantages of Hybrid Printer

The hybrid printing platform enables the printing of roll material and rigid materials on a single device, which is useful for companies with less room space or who often need to print two materials.

The hybrid / tape system can shorten the delivery time between printed boards. Because the operator can stack the board, input the material almost no lag time. In addition, the hybrid printing platform usually has two forms: reel to the flatbed (RTF) and flatbed to the reel (FTR). In other words, the printer can first consider the roll to roll printing, and then matching the platform and printer convergence, to ensure that can handle the plane material. Of course, you can also consider the platform equipment, and then optional reel feeding system to ensure that the equipment can handle the roll material.
One drawback that hybrid printer need to be mentioned is that some functions on roll-to-roll printing devices, such as dual axes, front-end overprint systems, are not configured on hybrid print platforms.

In Conclusion

Printing service providers have a variety of printing platforms to choose from. There are also many factors to consider when choosing a print platform, including the strength of the equipment manufacturer and the services provided and the ink system used.

The price is of course a major factor. The printer also needs to understand whether the workflow software and RIP are compatible with existing systems. Some print platforms are equipped with workflow management software that can be connected to existing systems to ensure that the printing equipment is running reliably and print quality is stable.

Finally, the purchased equipment must be able to drive the business in specific market. This is the basis for the company to develop. Whichever type of printing system you choose, be sure to use the right printing system to deliver the highest print quality to your customers.

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