different of CMYK and RGB

The difference between RGB and CMYK

There are many kinds of UV printer ink, such as CMYK, RGB, Lm, Lc, etc., the CMYK and RGB is common, the following is the difference between the two ink colors and characteristics.

The common RGB is Red, Green, Blue (red, green and blue) three colors, these three colors are mainly used to see; CMYK is Cyan, Mageata, Yellow, Black four colors, these four colors are mainly used to print, in which the black isn’t B, using K instead B of RGB, in order to distinguish between the blue.

vivid printer ink color

RGB and CMYK have a big difference is: RGB mode is a glowing color viewing mode, give a simple example is that even in a dark room, you can still see the screen Of the content; and CMYK model is rely on reflective light, simply that our eyes can not be intuitive to see, but need through the light source to reflect, then we can see it. Such as in the dark room we can not see the contents of the book, but in the case of sunshine or light, we can clearly see. Alternative way of understanding is that as long as the image is printed on the image, is CMYK presented, such as newspapers, books, magazines, brochures, etc. And the image displayed on the screen is RGB mode, such as in photoshop, because the color mode will determine the print out of image color model, which is what we usually said bitmap mode, two-tone mode, gray mode, HSB mode , RGB mode, CMYK mode, LAB mode, etc., when we want to pursue the material qualities, the general will choose to use CMYK mode to print, that is why many customers always say why I want the color with the printed color not exact the same.

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