MFG affordable X-Frame Banner Stands are cost-conscious consumer’s dream. The incredibly low price includes a quality tripod-like stand and full-color printed banner, which easily attaches to the lightweight frame with aluminum grommets. The X-Frame Banner Stands are great for universities, hospitals, small businesses and non-profit organizations, that are short on available funds but need to make a big marketing impact. Available in floor and table top options, you can be sure to find the right X-Frame Banner Stands for your display space and budget!

X-Frame Banner Stands Description

MFG X-Frame banner stands are the best lightweight and portable solution for your on-the-go display needs. The unique feature of this display option is the stand itself, which is made from a fiberglass reinforced aluminum, giving lightweight durability that lends to the portability of this banner. This easy to set up design allows for quick and simple placement at trade shows, conferences, presentations, business meetings and so much more. Once you’re finished using your custom X-Frame banner stands, it folds up just as fast as it took to set it up.

Features and Benefits:
Eye-catching full-color graphics
Select stay-flat vinyl or dye sublimated fabric
Lightweight and flexible banner
Compact frame
Easy hardware setup
Portable; great for on-the-go presenter
Ideal for trade shows or special events
Feet included to stabilize base
Affordable custom backdrop
Update graphics with banner replacement


Exhibition Displays
Outdoor and indoor advertising banners
In-store displays
Exhibition booth decoration and trade shows

high quality advertising displays


What is the difference between an X-Stand banners, X-Frame banner stands and ‘X banners’?

For all intents and purposes, no different. These terms are all interchangeable and refer to what we offer on this page.

What material is your X-Frame banner stands made out of?

The banner itself is made by vinyl or fabric, which is an extremely durable and attractive material. The X-Stand frame itself is comprised of a fiberglass reinforced aluminum frame with plastic joints, allowing for lightweight durability.

How does the X-Stand banner differ from your retractable banner?

Though similar in purpose and portability, there are differences that set these two banners apart. The X-Stand banner folds out and is supported by three legs, making it stable on the ground. This feature does mean that it takes up a little more floor space. The retractable banner is a single metal base that the banner rolls up into, which, when assembled, doesn’t take up a lot of floor space. Both the X-Frame banner stands and retractable banner stands, offer a portable and effective banner to be used for temporary uses, such as events, conferences, presentations and even point of purchase advertising. The retractable banner will most likely be a little more durable due to the construction of the base when compared to the X-Stand banner but will also be more expensive.

What are X-Stand banners typically used for?

The X-Frame banner stands are perfect for displaying information at conferences, trade shows, or presentations. It can also be used for temporary indoor directional signage, point of purchase displays, church events and services and more. The lightweight, foldable frame allows for simple portability for you to take on business trips or presentation tours. The easy setup and take down make it an effortless and effective display medium. This portability combined with the travel bag will make your life that much easier.

How do I setup my X-Frame banner stands?

Setting up the X-Stand banner is as easy as setting up a folding chair. The stand will come in three separate pieces: the stand and two poles. Simply fold the stand out as though you are folding out an A-Frame sign. Once you have the stand set up, place each pole into a respective hole at the top of the stand. There is no need to secure the poles by a screw, or by twisting, they simply attach using friction. Attach the banner to the stand starting from the top. The grommets will fit nicely over the hooks on the poles. Moving to the bottom of the banner, find the adjustable hooks on the legs of the banner. Insert the hooks in the bottom grommets, then pull each attached hook down to straighten the banner out. Tighten the hooks by twisting the movable piece at the top of each hook in the clockwise direction. This will give your banner a crisp look while being displayed.

What are the typical uses for retractable banner stands?

The most common uses for retractable banner stands are: in trade show displays and at events, conferences to advertise and promote business products and services. They are also great to use in presentations and point of purchase displays, because they are eye-catching and really draw in the attention of everyone who passes by them. Further, at events and conferences they can be used for directional signage, sign in tables and more.

X-Frame Banner Stands Options

Choose the size as below, or design your own banner stand, just contact our support team for assistance!

X banner stand dimension

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