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Graphic Advertising Development 2016

2016 graphic advertising continued to lead the advertising industry GDP

Wide inkjet printing is one of the fastest growing areas of the digital printing industry, and its graphic advertising applications in the advertising market also plays a pivotal role. According to the 2016 International Association of Signboard Industries (ISA) survey, more than 28% of signage companies and inkjet companies in the first half of 2016 growth rate is 20% or more, graphic advertising continues to lead the advertising industry GDP.
What is the promotion of this growth? This is achieved by the end-user needs change, as well as new technologies and new applications to expand and other factors together to achieve.

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End-user requirements change

The core purpose of serving our customers is to understand the customer’s customers (end customers). End customers have changed their interaction with the brand, they want to participate in the interaction with the brand.

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New technologies and new applications

High-end graphic advertising has begun to migrate from vinyl prints to fabric soft signage. The retail environment is changing and requires inkjet companies to provide services. Customers want to control transportation and processing costs while ensuring high-end advertising quality.

Unlike other substrates, fabric advertising is easy to store, transport and re-use, while providing high-end look and feel. The development of new technologies enables industry professionals to produce and sell printable flexible materials, with a variety of solutions to changing demand, while minimizing the impact on the environment.

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World textile information network forecast, digital printing products will grow 25%.

Overall, 2016 is a year that printing companies are more optimistic, and many printing companies are seeking to invest in new print applications to develop their business opportunities.

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