UV flatbed printing factory

What can flatbed printer print?

Flatbed printer is also known as universal printer,

that has replaced the screen printing, no plate, no copy, repeat the color, whether it is a simple color pattern or full-color pattern or some over-color patterns, flatbed printer can achieve the printing at one time, wide range of applications. May we think that is impossible, a product can be applied to multiple areas, but the fact is true.
Flatbed printer say goodbye to the old tradition of printing, the print media is divided into rigid media and soft media, rigid media has glass, tiles, metal plate, wood, data board, acrylic board, KT board, PVC board, marble, etc .; soft media has paper, plastic film, leather, cloth and so on. Because of these features, to promote flatbed printer in a wide range of industries,

Flatbed printers are mainly usedin:

Home decoration industry
Now the market is very popular is the use of art glass, ceramics, metal plate, marble through the flatbed printer for store decoration, home decoration. This in the previous market is mainly hand-made. Now with the advent of flatbed printer, personalized production, creative production is not a problem, not only the production speed, quality of finished products are also better, it’s favored by the market.

Leather textile printing industry
As we all know, the traditional leather and textile printing are high cost due to the plate making fee, so that the requirements for the texture will be high, so the production is high or luxury. And these problems in front of the flatbed printer is no problems, the color of these products are rich and colorful, can bring a visual feast of the eyes.

Advertising  display industry
Advertising is indispensable in any age, especially in today’s fast-paced era, advertising is everywhere, from the previous flyers, TV ads, to the subway, bus stations, airports, etc., anywhere implantation of advertising.

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